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2018-2019 Fiat Fullback – new model pick-up

In a recent auto show, which was held in Dubai, the Italian engineers presented their new development – the car pick-up 2018-2019 Fiat Fullback.

New 2018-2019 Fiat pickup Fulbek year

Let’s try to figure out what caused the joint work of the two major concerns, acquainted with the features of the new model.

Design pickup 2018-2019 Fiat Fullback

New 2018-2019 Fiat Fullback, which is focused primarily on the European market, looks very presentable and aesthetically pleasing. However, as mentioned above, this model has a strong resemblance with his Japanese predecessor, so the outer form of the car is nothing special to highlight.

Pickup 2018-2019 Fiat, front view

Despite this, it is necessary to pay attention to the dimensional grille that blends stylish bumper. In general, the Italian car looks quite attractive and modern. According to the manufacturer the new 2018-2019 Fiat Fullback will be released in four versions: double or single cab, extended lounge, as well as the “bare” chassis.

2018-2019 Fiat Fullback , rear view

A few words about the cabin pickup truck 2018-2019 Fiat

The interior of the passenger compartment in the new car is fully consistent with that principle, which has been adopted by Italian manufacturers. In particular, at first glance it seems that the interior of the new 2018-2019 Fiat Fullback many inherited from Japanese cars, and that is the European model can guess just by looking at the logo.

Shop new pickup 2018-2019 Fiat

Be that as it may, the interior is decorated in the best traditions of Asian designers. So, immediately drew the attention of a great finish chairs, which, for sure, will be a great addition to the functional capabilities of the car.
As for luggage, then a pickup 2018-2019 Fiat is quite roomy. Of course, the size of the trunk will largely depend on the car modification, but we can already say that the car will look like “truck” in miniature.

body 2018-2019 Fiat Fullback

Dimensions 2018-2019 Fiat Fullback

Certainly, potential owners of the new 2018-2019 Fiat Fullback little surprised by the fact that in terms of the dimensions of the vehicle exceed many of its competitors. If we talk about the “naked” figures, then they will look something like this:

  • machine length of 5.2 m;
  • the width of the vehicle – 1.81 m;
  • height of the new 2018-2019 Fiat Fullback – 1,78 m;
  • wheelbase – 3m.
    Of course, special attention deserves the load capacity of the new model, which is capped at 1110 kg.

Specifications 2018-2019 Fiat Fulbek pickup

There is no doubt that the technical capabilities of the new Italian car will have a decisive influence market. With this in mind, the following options for power plants should be considered:

  1. Potential owners of the new 2018-2019 Fiat Fullback from Africa and the Middle East have access to a car with a gasoline engine, which amounts to 2.4 liters, and power is capped at 132 horsepower. However, the Italian engineers do not exclude the option of diesel power unit, which will please a capacity of 110 and 178 horsepower, 2.5 liter.
  2. Motorists from European countries will be able to buy a new 2018-2019 Fiat Fullback, which will be equipped with diesel power plant with a capacity of 154 and 181 hp and 2.4 liter.
    It is planned that these motors are perfectly paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission, which can provide excellent handling.

2018-2019 Fiat Fullback Price and equipment

Modification Price Engine Box
2.4D Base MT 1529990 2.4 petrol 154 hp 6ST. INC
2.4D Base + MT 1689990 2.4 petrol 154 hp 6ST. INC
2.4D Active MT 1839990 2.4 petrol 154 hp 6ST. INC
2.4D Active AT 1879990 2.4 petrol 154 hp 5CT. AKP
2.4D Active + MT 1929990 2.4 petrol 154 hp 6ST. INC
2.4D Active + AT 1969990 2.4 petrol 154 hp 5CT. AKP
2.4D Active ++ MT 1980000 2.4 petrol 154 hp 6ST. INC
2.4D Active ++ AT 2030000 2.4 petrol 154 hp 5CT. AKP
2.4D (181 hp) Dynamic AT 2069990 2.4 petrol 154 hp 5CT. AKP
2.4D (181 hp) Dynamic + AT 2169990 2.4 petrol 154 hp 5CT. AKP

Video test 2018-2019 Fiat Fulbek pickup year:

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