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Fiat 500X crossover 2018-2019

At the Paris International Motor Show 2014 kicked off on October 2nd, the Italian automaker 2018-2019 Fiat presented to the public its new compact crossover called the 500X, which were very different conversations over the past two years.

Italian novelty has received just two modifications – for moderate off-road and for driving in urban conditions, a large number of options to personalize the model, as well as a wide range of powertrains.

The 2018-2019 Fiat 500X crossover based on the 2018-2019 model year is the same as the platform on which is built a small Jeep Renegade.
Although the new car belongs to the compact class, it turned out relatively large.

The new Italian length reaches 425 cm, width of the model rests on a mark of 180 centimeters and height of the machine is less than 161 th of a centimeter.
As for the usable capacity of the luggage compartment, the figure is about 350 liters.

The new 2018-2019 Fiat 500X crossover model year 2018-2019  is positioned as a global automaker model because your car the Italians plan to sell more than “one hundred” countries around the world.

Rather, in all these countries, the novelty will be offered in two planned versions, which differ from each other purpose – for the urban environment and light off-road, but still do not have their own names.

One of these modifications is for active and young urban motorists, and the second version is aimed at young people, who prefer active country rest.
Last modification 2018-2019 Fiat 500X crossover 2015 model year has a pronounced off-road elements of the exterior, and just modified the configuration of the body.

In addition, as an option for the car company will offer all-wheel drive system.
The motor line crossover 2018-2019 Fiat 500X 2015 model year will be included once seven powertrains.

Power gasoline engines range from 120 to 184’s horsepower, and the working volume – 1.4 liters (series MultiAir), 1,6 liter (family of E-torQ) and 2.4 liters (Tigershark series) and diesel MultiJet family of engines in volume of 1.3, 1.6 and 2.0 liters will be issued from the 95 th to 140 horsepower.

The weakest modifications get the car to drive the front wheels and a pair of the engine pyatidiapazonnuyu mechanical gearbox.
For other versions of the car the Italians offered a manual transmission on the six steps, dedicated six robotic gearbox or nine-the “machine”, which for the first time the company’s models available.

In addition, the equipment will be among the 2018-2019 Fiat 500X crossover model year 2015, and a system called Drive Mood Selector, which is part of the driver’s discretion, to change the settings.

For example, you can choose between three fixed modes of operation of the motor, gearbox, steering and braking systems – Sport, All Weather and Auto.

In a modification, designed for moderate off-road, All Weather mode is called differently – Traction, and his responsibilities include optimization of the transmission when driving on rough terrain.

The list is available for the new 2018-2019 Fiat 500X 2015 model year equipment manufacturer of the Uconnect multimedia system with voice control, a navigation system and two display options to choose from – with a diagonal of 5 inches or 6.5, high-quality speakers, a number of auxiliary electronic systems, camera rear-view, as well as a wide selection of rims with a diameter up to 18 inches.

In addition, the car is offered just 12 colors for painting the body.

The assembly of the new 2018-2019 Fiat 500X 2015 model year plan to organize the company’s factory in the Italian city of Melfi.
By the way, there will be produced and the aforementioned compact crossover Jeep Renegade.
Presumably commercially Italian novelty appears at the very end of this year.
its cost has not yet announced.

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