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2018-2019 Ferrari La2018-2019 Ferrari Spider – open version of the Italian supercar

New 2018-2019 Ferrari New 2018-2019 Ferrari La2018-2019 Ferrari Spider year – the first news, photos, price and specifications of the open version of the Italian supercar. The official world premiere of the new 2018-2019 Ferrari La2018-2019 Ferrari Roadster will be held in the autumn of at the Paris Motor Show, but then we will know exactly under what name the new product goes into production: 2018-2019 Ferrari La2018-2019 Ferrari Spider or La2018-2019 Ferrari Aperta. In the meantime, we offer the first picture and the latest information about the new version of the open Italian supercar. The price of a new 2018-2019 Ferrari La2018-2019 Ferrari Spider previously will be 3.5 million euros (about 250 mln. Rubles) is planned to release only 150 copies of the roadster.

La2018-2019 Ferrari Spider Roadster is based on the chassis of a gasoline coupe 2018-2019 Ferrari La2018-2019 Ferrari and uses an innovative monocoque body-produced technology came from Formula 1. To create a monocoque used several different types of carbon fiber cladding is also made of composite materials, but … no hardtop roadster have required several additional solutions to ensure high levels of body rigidity in torsion and bending. 2018-2019 Ferrari officials did not disclose exactly which new parts allowed to provide high levels of rigidity of the new roadster. But the numbers stiffness coefficient in open and closed versions are very similar.

And that’s not all. Italian specialists conjured a roadster in the wind tunnel and slightly tweaked parts of the body responsible for the aerodynamics, in order to provide drag coefficient of aerodynamic drag of a body roadster with the roof stowed in the compartment level indicators.
And last, but most important for the owners of the new roadster 2018-2019 Ferrari La2018-2019 Ferrari Spider. Included with the machine offers two options for a removable roof: hard and soft carbon panels layered roof.

Salon La2018-2019 Ferrari Roadster is exactly the same architecture and interior design coupe La2018-2019 Ferrari: unusual multifunction steering wheel, the virtual instrument panel, center console with a minimum set of equipment and the kingdom of luxury decorative materials: leather and alcantara, carbon and stainless steel.
Specifications of the new roadster 2018-2019 Ferrari La2018-2019 Ferrari Spider year.
Phenomenal dynamic and performance characteristics of the open version of the Italian supercar provides a hybrid power plant with total capacity of 963 power and 900 Nm of torque.

  • The unit consists of an atmospheric gasoline 6.3-liter V12 (800 hp 700 Nm), able to spin up to 9250 rev / min !!! and a 163-hp electric motor, located in the same block with a robotic 7-speed DCT transmission. Battery weight 60 kg for the electric motor is able to be recharged in two ways: first – Brake Energy Regeneration, the second – in the event of excess torque at the motor gasoline (mostly during cornering).
  • Dynamics is fantastic – to accelerate to 100 mph takes less than 3 seconds, to 200 mph just less than 7 seconds and to 300 mph just 15 seconds. The maximum speed of over 350 mph, fuel consumption in the combined driving mode 14.2 liters.

Suspension, understandable thing, completely independent two-lever circuit with front and multi-link rear architecture, available adaptive dampers. Brakes carbon-ceramic from the company Brembo, sports tires Pirelli P Zero 265 / 30R19 front and 345 / 30R20 at the rear.

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