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2018-2019 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso – a supercar for four

New 2018-2019 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso year – photo and video, price and packaging, specifications for four Italian supercar with a body shuting break. The world premiere of four sports car Ferarri GTS Luss took place in spring on the podium of the Geneva Motor Show . New from Maranello will be the successor trehdverki 2018-2019 Ferrari FF and appreciate 2018-2019 Ferrari wealthy fans not only the interior, able to take the driver and three passengers, but also a fantastic 690-horsepower gasoline V12 and newest system 4RM-S all-wheel drive to the rear wheels, able to taxi in the corners. Price new 2018-2019 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso in Germany range from EUR 261 883 in the UK from 240,430 pounds in Russia cost of new items will be not less than 18 mln. rubles.

The new supercar from Maranello with a rare three-door body Shooting-Brake can be safely counted among today to unique sports cars premium class. Only a few facts from the biography of the Italian sports car: Salon for up to four people, the luggage compartment is able to take 450 liters of cargo volume, atmospheric twelve cylinder engine capable to untwist to 8250 rev / min, all-wheel drive system and fully controlled by the chassis (rear wheel steer effect). Add an asset of the new model looks original and high-quality interior with a rich set of standard and optional equipment. Impressive, is not it? Yes, the price is sky-high, but the car is not easy.

The design of the exterior body of the new Shooting-Brake-2018-2019 Ferrari model GTC4 Lusso possible and is hardly ideal, but a sports car look stylish and original, especially the sides and back, and a long hood, which is located under the mighty the V12, and chic wings splashes simply superb.
Novelty is equipped with all-LED headlights, head light boomerangs and stylish marker lamps with original LED rings, a huge front bumper with a wide mouth and the air intake splitter, a monumental rear bumper with diffuser, who came from the world of motorsport.

  • External dimensions of the new body 2018-2019 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso , amount to 4922 mm long, 1980 mm wide, 1383 mm in height, with a 2990 mm wheelbase.
  • With the default installation of tires 245 / 35ZR20 on the front axle and 295 / 35ZR20 on the rear axle track of the front wheels – 1674 mm and the rear track – 1668 mm.
    Rims forged aluminum 20-inch.

Shop the new Italian supercar – a perfect demonstration of style and luxury, spiced with hints of sports in the interior design and modern facilities. There are four sports seats with anatomical profile, a high central tunnel with comfortable armrests separating interior into separate cockpits. Places in the second row is enough to comfortably accommodate adults and the boot capacity can be increased to 800 liters with the backrests, provided the addition of the second row. But the most interesting, of course, in front of the cabin.

Once behind the wheel of the new GTS Luss Ferarri driver feels the present owner and uncompromising sports car. Available sports steering wheel trimmed rim and the gearshift paddles to change gears, highly informative instrument panel with a large dial, the tachometer in the center and two color displays, providing the driver fully informed about the state systems of the car, an advanced climate control system RLFSoSe (prevents misting) , headache multimedia system with 12.3-inch touch screen (Apple carPlay, processor 1.5 Ghz Jacinto 6 the CPU, 2GB of RAM, navigation with 3D maps, a rearview camera, setting the climate control and front seats).

For passenger provided the individual 8.8-inch full HD and Full Touch screen, with which you can control the audio system and climate control, display the tachometer and speedometer, navigation maps and a route. In short, the passenger is present by default navigator.

Also do not forget about the innovative panoramic glass roof Low-E roof, capable of reflecting the sun’s rays, a high-quality finishing materials (natural and artificial leather of various grades and types, inlays in brushed aluminum, wood or carbon fiber, wool flooring).

Technical characteristics of the new Italian supercar 2018-2019 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso , the following. In the engine compartment of a gasoline 6.3-liter V12 (690 hp 697 Nm), gearbox 7-stupnchataya robot with two clutch disks 7 F1 Dual-Clutch, four-wheel drive with a proprietary system 4RM-S (four-wheel drive, rear thrusters wheels). Available as system control sideslip Side Slip Control (SSC4), an electronically controlled differential E-Diff and adaptive SCM-E dampers that can change the degree of rigidity.
Dynamic and high-speed characteristics of the new Shooting-Brake model from 2018-2019 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso very serious. Acceleration from 0 to 100 mph takes just 3.4 seconds, from 0 to 200 mph – 10.5 seconds, top speed – 335 mph.
Stopping distance from 100 mph to a complete stop is 34 meters from a speed of 200 mph – 138 meters. Slowing down and stopping sports car’s curb weight 1920 kg provide uglerodokeramicheskie brake discs with a diameter 398 mm front and 360 mm at the rear.

2018-2019 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso test video

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