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Ferrari FF (Four) in 2018-2019

What to expect from the first avtoletopisi full-drive 2018-2019 Ferrari with 4 full-fledged seats?
This car, without a doubt – the main car dealership premiere.
In the firm of Maranello it is called 2018-2019 Ferrari Four.

Especially for this car engineers designed a unique system of a perfect drive, in which the capacity of front-wheel drive is selected using the final assembly manual, fastened directly to the engine (regular box, as expected, placed on the rear axle).


Body in a manner “nedouniversal” looks are not usual for 2018-2019 Ferrari, however, guarantees unique for given us the brand “capacitive” properties: (!) Normal size of the luggage compartment of 450 liters may be increased to 800 liters by the folded rear seats.
Machine weight – only 1790 kg, thanks to the use of spatial duralumin frame (and even revolutionary all-wheel drive).
Under the Hood – Advanced V12, volume of 6262 “cubes” and the power of 683 hp
According to the manufacturer, 2018-2019 Ferrari FF transfer any first hundred in 3.7 seconds, and top speed is 335 km / h.
At the same time engineers say that fuel consumption in the combined cycle will be only 15.4 liters.


Inside FF predictably gorgeous.
Beautiful leather interior, entertainment system with DVD and 16 speakers total power of 1280 watts, and deep comfortable rear seats: this is the interior of 2018-2019 Ferrari 4.

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