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2018-2019 Ferrari 488 Spider – supercar finalized

On the infamous Frankfurt Motor Show held annually presentation of new cars, which will soon come into mass production. In September the motor show promises to provide the public an Italian product – the new roadster from the chic brand – 2018-2019 Ferrari 488 Spider. Despite its convertible top, which is lighter by 25 kilograms, the new product is almost equal to the speed of the coupe.

New 2018-2019 Ferrari 488 Spider

Lightweight folding roof after his transformation will be located on the engine and perform the conversion in just 14 seconds, which is a good indicator. The building construction was attended by 11 aluminum alloys in various formats that have improved torsional rigidity by a quarter compared with the previous versions.

Acceleration from 0 to 100 is not more than 3 seconds and to 200 km / h – about 10 seconds, a figure the strength is not for everyone supercar. The company assured that the car will be one of the most powerful roadster in the history of 2018-2019 Ferrari.

The appearance of the 2018-2019 Ferrari 488 Spider

Maximum efficiency and aerodynamic Spider looks gorgeous as ever, and it is a merit of experienced designers of the Italian company, working on this for many decades. The new body, which angle do not look, still visible echoes of predecessors, but it’s a good thing, a kind of mixture of modern ideas with proven components. Given what speed new product is available (up to 325 km / h, it is a “ceiling”, a limited automatic), it is clear that the main part, which is worth paying attention to the developers, is aerodynamics.

2018-2019 Ferrari 488 Spider front view

In order that the driver can feel confident during high-speed travel on the road, the new 2018-2019 Ferrari has received a double front spoiler and rear diffuser functioning, changing their position depending on the overload and the speed at which the car moves. Looking at the front of the body, you can see the features of corporate brand. First, an original style of the “look” that constantly turns sly and slightly aggressive. Second, the small size of the bumper, which occupies a major area false radiator grill, divided in three sections.

Rectangles head light lamps are completed by thin LED strips placed on the sides of the wings, bonnet above. Hood fairly wide and has two massive vyshtampovki that give such a refined car share extra elegance. In the center of the front of the stud is located on a yellow background – the company logo of the Italian company.

Sportscar 2018-2019 Ferrari 488 Spider

On the sides of the developers have placed air intakes facilitate good aerodynamics. Pleasing to the eye punching emblazoned on the doors, it is a kind of continuation of the air intake. Neat and stylish side skirts mirrors from 2018-2019 Ferrari perfectly fit into the overall picture of design Spider 488. The back portion has a greater similarity with the successors than the front.

The reason for this form of lamps – LED circle conceals lights. Two exhaust pipes are located in the bumper. On a small spoiler is LED brake light.

Side view of the new 2018-2019 Ferrari 488

Interior of the 2018-2019 Ferrari 488 Spider

Beauty, according to tradition, is made of the most expensive and exclusive materials, which is characteristic of this brand. Comfortable seats will come to taste any driver, especially with such functionality. Overall, this is a typical interior for 2018-2019 Ferrari – rulvoe wheel of an unusual shape, compact instrument panel and no extra and unnecessary details. The peculiar Italian minimalism – if briefly describe the interior roadster.

2018-2019 Ferrari 488 Spider Salon

Dimensions 2018-2019 Ferrari 488 Spider

  • 456.8 cm of length of the car;
  • width and height – 195.2 cm and 121.1 cm respectively;
  • the size of the wheelbase is 265 cm;
  • clearance is very small – 10 cm, which is typical for supercars.

2018-2019 Ferrari 488 Roadster

Technical characteristics of the 2018-2019 Ferrari 488 Spider

3.9 – liter turbocharged petrol engine, with a capacity of 670 horsepower – the engine, slightly inferior to the dynamics of dispersal of his predecessor. Auto consumes about 12 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers. All the safety systems were taken from the cars of Formula One!

Price 2018-2019 Ferrari 488 Spider

With prices fared as well as a complete set – they will be known only after the car to the public, or the week before. But it is clear even before price announcements – ordinary motorists from Russia, this new product will not afford.
Video 2018-2019 Ferrari 488 Spider year:

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