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2018-2019 Chevrolet Spark – a city dude

The second generation 2018-2019 Chevrolet Spark was presented at the stand of the Russian motorists American company at the Moscow Motor Show, held in the late summer of 2010, and successfully sold in the current season . Sales heir Daewoo Matiz, produced for the domestic market at the General Motors plant in Uzbekistan, started in spring . 2018-2019 Chevrolet Spark owes its appearance to light the voices of 1.9 million motorists, who as a result of online voting organized GM chose three candidates conceptual hatchback Beat, Groove and Trax crossover minivan is a compact hatchback in the production version, named 2018-2019 Chevrolet Spark.

The second applicant 2018-2019 Chevrolet Groove subsequently became a production car, but the compact crossover 2018-2019 Chevrolet Trax (in Russia known as the 2018-2019 Chevrolet Tracker ) heel and an increase in the size stood on the conveyor.

Our review will try to find out whether the hit to the Russian court 2018-2019 Chevrolet Spark, we estimate the body design, comfort and quality of passenger accommodation cabin materials, know the real fuel consumption, specific problems and disadvantages of the youngest representative of the golden cross on the false radiator grille.

The five-door Spark, without a shadow of doubt can be considered as the most stylish and beautiful representative of the European A-Class. Even a bright kid Korean Kia Picanto looks more restrained and traditional compared to the 2018-2019 Chevrolet Spark.

The huge almond-shaped headlights (see. Photo and video), embracing the lower edges neat false radiator grille, climb the ledges of the wings and upper spikes tend to connect with the front roof pillars. Large size adorns the front bumper lower air intake and fog, in an original chromed shafts. The front part of the car (especially in a bright green color) looks like a grasshopper’s head and puts a smile on the faces of passers-by and neighbors downstream.

A review of the side CD is no less impressive, stylish and original. Vyshtampovki Large wheel arches, large door openings, quickly soaring high window-sill line towards the stern, compact side windows, rear door handle is hidden away in the style of the Alfa Romeo , organically combined ribs and depressions, domed roof breaking off passes in the vertical surface of the rear part of the body.

  • Spoil excellent design miniature 13-inch steel wheels with tires 155/80 R13, and not even able to improve the situation of the larger wheels 155/70 R14 on the disks of radius 14. Just ask for the installation of 15 light-alloy wheels with wide tires size 195/65 R15.

Foods with a failed car shaped trunk door (narrow aperture, large loading height), stylish lighting Headlights with transparent caps, adult size bumper with original rifts waves and additional reflective elements.

  • Fresh, original, and just looks great compact city hatchback 2018-2019 Chevrolet Spark despite the modest dimensions: 3640 mm long, 1597 mm wide, 1522 mm high, 2375 mm wheelbase, 143 mm ground clearance (clearance).
  • For the body color bright colors of enamel are applied: the basic white and bright red, for metallics – silver, gray-blue, bright blue, green or black will have to pay 7500 rubles.

The car is available for just over two years and talk about the resistance of the body to rust early, but buying a new 2018-2019 Chevrolet Spark is not superfluous to generate additional corrosion bottom processing, hidden cavities of the body and the wheel arches. Be sure to install the metal protection of the engine compartment from the bottom.

Salon 2018-2019 Chevrolet Spark with an eye to the compact body spacious enough, but on the condition that the growth of the occupants is not more than 175-180 cm, and the average figure. Close to the men and women inside seem very crowded, and it is not surprising, because the interior width of less than 1500 mm.
The front seats despite the modest appearance of convenience and comfort, lateral support neutral and does not provide adequate support for the torso and hips in turns. The rich equipment LS height is adjusted steering column and driver’s seat cushion, front seats are equipped with heating.

Settle driver freely in the workplace is problematic, the thigh of the right leg is almost rests on the gear lever, and the knee is at a minimum distance from the convex bottom of the center console. Traditionally Car 2018-2019 Chevrolet steering wheel of large diameter, the original dashboard is solved in motorcycle style – left radius of the speedometer (readings are read fine), the right digital display tachometer and trip computer (to deal with the testimony does not quite simple).

Correctly and conveniently housed in the center console control units are factory audio system (radio, CD MP3 player with AUX and USB) and air conditioning. Buttons and knobs are large, understand the characters is easy, information screens glow pleasant turquoise color. It’s a shame, but in the arms of a failed form of doors, doors are closed and themselves with an unpleasant metallic sound.

In the second row, despite having three head restraints, will accommodate two adults passengers, centered in the extreme case fit child. Legroom is surprisingly much distance from the rear seatbacks to the back of the front seat 893 mm, and the foot can easily fit under the front seats. Separate rear sofa can be folded, the airbag becomes a rising vertically and rest descends, forming a flat floor luggage compartment with a volume of 994 liters. With a rear seat with trunk modest possibilities only 170 liters.

interior finishing materials understandable budget case (hard plastic and gray upholstery), but the interior does not look cheap thanks to the excellent texture plastic inserts stylish aluminum front panel and door cards, stylishly designed audio system and climate control.
The weakest point in the cabin 2018-2019 Chevrolet Spark is the insulation, which decided to save. In a loud voice penetrates into the cabin of the engine sound, the noise was coming from the wheel arches, sing mirrors. Especially not comfortable when driving on rough roads, interior filled with the hum and blows from the suspension.

Specifications 2018-2019 Chevrolet Spark year of production: the second-generation model is built on GM DAT platform with independent front suspension on McPherson struts and rear Semi – torsion beam. Brakes, front disc and rear drum will please the owner of a beautiful and informative tenacity. Even when driving at high speed, by pressing the brake pedal, light hatchback weight from 950 kg stops actively and quickly.

two petrol four-cylinder engines are available for the 2018-2019 Chevrolet Spark.

  • 1.0-liter (68 hp) can operate in tandem with 5 manual transmission (automatic transmission 4), a tandem motor and gearbox provides acceleration to 100 mph for 15.3 (17.5) seconds and a top speed of 151 (143) mph. Fuel consumption of 4.6 (5.1) liters on the highway to 7.1 (8.2) liters in the city.

Starting the engine is able to meet their dynamic and high-speed characteristics of the driver just a very quiet, which is important, not for the speed and time for which he gets to the destination, and modest fuel consumption. In actual use the basic engine of 2018-2019 Chevrolet Spark consume an average of 7 liters with the mechanics (unavailable Russian motorists) and 8 liters with a gun. In winter, the fuel consumption increases per liter.
In the opinion of the owners of 4 automatic transmission not reliable and sometimes in need of repair and even replacement when run in 25-30 thousand km, 5 speed manual is reliable, but differs tight turning gear.

  • A more powerful 1.2-liter (82 hp) engine is equipped with 5 speed manual only. Dynamics to the first hundred in 12.9 seconds, top speed of 162 mph, fuel consumption on the passport from 4.6 liters on a suburban highway to 7 liters in the city.

The engine allows you to feel confident behind the wheel of the car, not only in city traffic, but also in the country, lack of power. When driving long distances without voltage motor keeps cruising speed of 120-140 mph. fuel consumption at moderate dispersion even lower than that of fellow liter. On average, it needs to 6.5-7 liters of gasoline, while aggressive driving fuel consumption is easily raised to 8.5-9 liters.

Test drive the compact 2018-2019 Chevrolet Spark leaves a pleasant impression of a nice car. Sharp steering, tough and tenacious suspension, short-stroke shock absorbers, allowing bullies. For urban conditions Spark (version with 1.2-liter engine), an excellent choice. The compact size and powerful enough engine allows you to confidently move in heavy traffic, so only pay for excellent handling is not high ride comfort and a very high cost of the suspension parts. Also worth noting is the high windage body, at the junction with the trucks and a strong crosswind, you must be on the alert.

What is the cost to buy a new 2018-2019 Chevrolet Spark , production in Russia: the price in the salons of official dealers is from 416 thousand for the 2018-2019 Chevrolet Spark in Base configuration with a 1.2 (82 hp) with 5 INC. A less powerful version of the 2018-2019 Chevrolet Spark in the initial configuration with the Base 1.0 (68 hp) with automatic transmission 4 is estimated at 446 000 rubles, while the value of the saturated version of the LS 494 thousand rubles.

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