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2018-2019 Bugatti Chiron

2018-2019 Bugatti Chiron threatens to break the world speed record.
At the Geneva Motor Show Bugatti Veyron successor was introduced, probably the fastest and most luxurious car in the world.

On Monday evening at a private party in Geneva Bugatti Chiron has introduced a new model – the successor to the Veyron worth € 2.4 million.
Apparently, the machine was faster, more powerful and more beautiful than its predecessor.

Head of Bugatti Wolfgang Dyurhaymer said that even he could hardly believe such progress: “We asked ourselves:” We’ve done the best car in the world.
What now?”.
We had to take one more step, and it is hard to believe that we did it. ”

Bugatti Chiron Review

The new machine 1500-strong W16 engine with a new, two-stage turbocharging technology.
The torque of 1600 Newton meters, and completely redesigned chassis – improved handling and increased rigidity.
Less than 2.5 seconds required it to accelerate to 100 km / h, but after 13 seconds the speedometer reaches the 300 mark.

The maximum speed marked on the instrument panel – 500 km / h, but car makers have hinted that he could go faster.
More quiet, the driver can select one of five modes: Auto EB for daily driving under normal conditions, the regime Autobahn with special suspension adjustable for conditions, Handling highway for entertainment on the racetrack, Lift, which makes it easier to check on the ramp or in the garage, and finally , Top speed, which is activated by a special key and the maximum speed should be used only in special circumstances.
During the presentation of Bugatti leaders stressed that the car combines the beauty and the raw power, and the latter prevails.

The new aerodynamic system changes the properties depending on the speed and ambient conditions (the entire back part is made of carbon fiber inside – carbon monocoque), the new enlarged 19-inch wheels and increased the brakes of the same class that are used in the “Formula 1”, and full titanium exhaust system.

All this is aimed at improving the handling and ride quality, but does not stick out of the car naked functionality – all the parts are working to create an attractive appearance.

Air intakes along the lower edge of the bumper, wings extended, square LED lights headlights on a broad front surface – all this creates an image of a predator, at the same time powerful, precise and elegant.

One of the designers said that Chiron design refers to the model of the famous Type 57 Bugatti Atlantic: «The wide hips and narrow waist – for machines this works too.”

The car’s interior matches its perfect appearance.
The instrument panel – analog speedometer, surrounded by interactive screens.
Light accents emphasize the luxury saloon.
With the machine also comes designed in the same style leather suitcase.

The curved light pipe on the ceiling – a record length by the standards of the automotive industry.
Dyurhaymer brags: “All honest.
What appears to be a skin – is the skin, and the carbon fiber and steel is also true. ”

Perhaps it is because of this attention to detail and well-known excellent quality of execution-third of the 500 planned for the production of machines have already been sold.
Chiron officially goes on sale this fall.

Photos of the new Bugatti Chiron

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