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2018-2019 BMW X5 – a favorite of Russian luxury crossover

Current generation 2018-2019 BMW X5, E70 denotes the index, issued since 2006 and in should go down in history, replaced by a more perfect third generation model . Meanwhile, the current 2018-2019 BMW X5 release endowed aggressive and eye-catching appearance, in which branded chrome grille and hood stands out with relief-faceted surface, in good weather like iridescent in the rays of the bright sun. The contours of the body 2018-2019 BMW X 5 are elegant, fitted with a nice share of sportiness and constantly remind others of the power laid down in the car, which allows to move confidently on any roads.

2018-2019 BMW X 5 like everyone or almost everyone, at least it does not leave indifferent anybody. Stylish aggressive mid-size crossover top level has been almost 13 years demonstrates a consistently high level of sales, confirming the high quality of the German automotive industry. During the existence of X5 was replaced two of his generation, has been two notable facelift and engine range has expanded considerably. To date, the 2018-2019 BMW X 5 – is one of the most technologically advanced SUV-car having incredibly popular in Russia.

  • Length lasting bearing X5 body is 4857 mm, a width not exceeding 1933 mm, but in the top-end modification 2018-2019 BMW M50d is increased to 2010 mm. The height of the cars in all embodiments is 1766 mm and wheelbase length – 2933 mm.
  • 2018-2019 BMW Iks5 German designers have provided a full off-road ground clearance of 222 mm, which combined with short overhangs bumpers allows copes with bad Russian roads.

In the Russian market 2018-2019 BMW X5 midsize crossover in it is available in 15 basic variants of body color. The most screwed official dealers called black and all shades with metallic effect. In addition, the surcharge dealers offer the ability to choose an individual color according to personal preferences of the buyer.

The basic equipment of the machine includes stylish 18-inch alloy wheels, designed for tires 255/55 R18. The expensive models (or custom) set sport casting is 19 inches with a more advanced design and tires 255/50 R19.

In addition, the standard tire can be replaced by specialized Runflat wheels, allowing easy access to the nearest tire even in the case of a serious puncture. Speed, however, at the same time must not exceed 80 mph and the distance of 150 km.

2018-2019 BMW X5 Saloon richly decorated and stylish, confirming the status of a premium car and at the same time ensuring maximum comfort due to the high level of equipment. Attention to detail and the ergonomics of the front center console provides easy management of all systems, it is not distracting the driver from the road.

User-friendly and informative steering wheel does not overlap the strict and uncluttered dashboard, and large areas of windows provide excellent visibility in all directions. The interior is decorated with rich fabrics or Twill, or a combination of alcantara – Nappa leather, or leather with an exclusive Nevada 3D-effects relief or perforation.

Cabin is designed for five seats. The front seats are equipped with Power function, and regulate absolutely everything, starting with the head restraints and ending width of lateral support.

The rear seat has enough space and is characterized by the highest level of comfort, no way inferior to the competitors in the segment. In addition, the rear row of seats can be easily folded, increasing the amount of useful boot space from 620 liters to a maximum 1,750 liters.

Technical characteristics of the 2018-2019 BMW X5 release: the current generation of X 5, the Russian car market is available with five variants of power plants, three of which are diesel. All diesel engines are equipped with a system of high-precision fuel injection type Common Rail, and petrol engines are equipped with variable valve timing regulation system Double Vanos, turbocharger TwinPower Turbo, as well as the system of the digital engine control DME, is closely associated with the on-board computer.
Petrol version:

  • 2018-2019 BMW X5 hDrive35i – Junior petrol engine has 6 cylinders arranged in a row, 24-valve timing Valvetronic and has a displacement of 3.0 liters, and more specifically, the 2979 cm3. Maximum power of this engine reaches 306 hp at 5800 rev / min. Peak torque at this accounts for 400 Nm and is held in the range of 1200-5000 revolutions / minute, which ensures excellent dynamic acceleration from 0 to 100 mph at 6.8 seconds. Fuel consumption with the 2018-2019 BMW X5 engine is about 10.1 liters.
  • 2018-2019 BMWX5 hDrive50i – top-end petrol engine has already 8-cylinder with a V-shaped pattern layout and boasts a displacement of 4.4 liters (4395 cm3). His power at 5500 rev / minute reaches the upper limit of 407 hp and torque in the range of 1750-4500 revolutions / minute develops 600 Nm, which provides a boost to the first 100 mph on the speedometer in just 5.5 seconds. This economical engine is clearly not name – the average consumption is about 12.5 liters, and in dense urban stream and all increases to 17-18 liters.

2018-2019 BMW X5 Diesel:

  • hDrive30d – with regard to the diesel line, the younger it has 6 cylinders with a total volume of 3.0 liters (2993 cm3) and is capable of 245 hp at 4000 rev / min or 540 Nm of torque at 1750-3000 r / min. Dynamics of acceleration in this case is 7.6 seconds, and the average fuel consumption rate ranges from 7.3-7.5 liters.
  • 2018-2019 BMWX5 hDrive40d – its more powerful sibling, built on the same base, but equipped with a high level of boost, is able to develop the capacity already 306 hp at 4400 rev / minute and squeeze out 600 Nm of torque. There is more than enough opportunities to accelerate from 0 to 100 mph in just 6.6 seconds, it does not suffer greatly and efficiency motors – average consumption is 7.5 liters.
  • 2018-2019 BMWX5 hDriveM50d – top-end diesel with the highest level of boost, achieved with the help of a turbocharger TwinPower Turbo, while the same volume of 3.0 liter capable of 381 hp power at 4000-4400 rev / min. Peak torque, in this case equal to 740 Nm is reached at 2000-3000 revolutions / minute, which makes it possible to record for the 2018-2019 BMW X5 start accelerating to 100 mph, equal to 5.4 seconds. Surprisingly, this engine consumes exactly the same amount of fuel as and less powerful sibling – 7.5 liters.

Large selection of German PPC developers are not prepared, to be more precise, it does not. All engines are aggregated only with 8-speed automatic transmission Steptronic, offering ultra-precise smooth shifting and efficient use of powerful engines features. The powerful 2018-2019 BMW X5 plus is the presence of intelligent permanent all-wheel drive xDrive, interacting with the Dynamic Stability Control system and promptly distributing torque between the wheels, depending on road conditions.

Test-drive crossover 2018-2019 BMW X5: in a series of tests and road tests the car showed excellent handling on any type of road surface. It achieved such a good result at the expense of well-designed all-wheel independent suspension, which is attached to a rigid monocoque and is complemented by a range of modern electronic assistants. In particular, in the basic equipment of the machine there is ABS, differential braking, stability control during cornering, the system limits the shutter speed and a host of other technological solutions. In addition, its contribution to the controllability and maneuverability 2018-2019 BMW X5 makes a rack and pinion steering with variable gear ratio, complemented by modern hydraulic booster.

How much is the 2018-2019 BMW X5 in Russia: to buy a 2018-2019 BMW X5 release of the Russians offered in five standard trim, as well as a few additional options specific sports performance. Basic configuration offers the buyer a full power accessories, fog lights, climate control, trip computer, thermal protection glazing, central locking, pad wear indicator and engine start button. 2018-2019 BMW X5 in the initial cost of equipment starts with 2.919 million. Rubles. Price most equipped version in the salons of official dealers starting from at least 4.2 mln. Rubles.

In conclusion, a brief talk about the pros and cons of 2018-2019 BMW X5 crossover:

  • quality of execution,
  • four-wheel drive xDrive,
  • excellent handling,
  • high level of equipment,
  • stylish exterior.

The disadvantages and problems of the 2018-2019 BMW X5:

  • poorly adapted to winter operating conditions,
  • a simple interior design (compared to competitors)
  • the high cost of maintenance, repairs and spare parts and accessories for fine tuning (not to mention the large)
  • heavy doors,
  • quickly broken radiator.

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