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2018-2019 BMW X1 – planned restyling

Humanity is rapidly growing and moving forward. There are new technologies, today we are seeing the rapid development of technological change in the automotive world.

Restyling 2018-2019 BMW X in January

Every year, perfected various types and brands of cars, gradually their development equal to the ideal. Now the car is not just a mode of transportation, in a word laid a lot more sense. For some people, now it is a way of life, they are living the history and development of the auto industry. A machine has now become even a kind of cult worship. It comfortable, cozy, interior design is thought to detail. Creation of a modern car is equivalent to a form of art. Live example of this – 2018-2019 BMW X1 .

2018-2019 BMW X1 will be officially presented to the public in September in Frankfurt, the developers are well tried on the improvement of the car. Its design, dimensions, configuration and performance have been improved. The review of this popular car worldwide.

Restyling appearance 2018-2019 BMW X1

This model 2018-2019 BMW X1 is as bright and stylish, like his predecessors. This applies to both the appearance and internal characteristics. In general, this model is much more compact and neater look when compared with earlier models 2018-2019 BMW X1 .

the updated 2018-2019 BMW X1 in the new F48 body, front view

Chromed radiator grille is now, is a little higher than normal as a fellow at the 2018-2019 BMW the X4 . It is ideally combined with a decorative protective bodywork in front of the hood. Hood itself will be shorter, and the slope of the rear window was also slightly modified. The angle of inclination has been reduced.

This model is distinguished by the fact that the car is their appearance is not similar to a station wagon.

Side View X 1 year

Also it may be noted against fog lights and that were also set slightly higher than normal. In general, designers are also slightly changed the appearance of the bumper body and optics. Many people say that cars want to add more gas charging lighting equipment. The correct answer to this question has arisen not yet exist, so more will be able to learn in detail already in the month of September.

The new 2018-2019 BMW X1 rear view

Salon that changed in X1

Inside, this car has always been comfortable and cozy to move. But here, some changes have been made. If we talk about the most important – the dashboard, color recognition and chrome edges of the system at the wells were improved. If we talk about the panel itself, on top of it is formed with a color screen and a variety of buttons are located underneath.

X1 updated dashboard

Should pay due attention to the buttons for the climate in the cabin. They added a couple of functions. Were trimmed with chrome, some items inside the car. This also applies to raising of glass buttons on the doors of the vehicle. more space in the legs and raised the height of the passenger compartment has been added.

These are the main criteria by which 2018-2019 BMW X in January is considered one of the most comfortable car models.

Places for the rear passengers has increased significantly

There are also two types of upholstery – it’s fabric and leather. Interior combine two types of car design, the main Similarity is a 2-Series Active Tourer. There was little altered display and steering-wheel machines. wheel itself was planted a little lower chipped skin. Also chipped wheel and gear shift. Again, the most important of his top button was also chromed.

Overall dimensions of the new 2018-2019 BMW X1

As mentioned earlier, the dimensions of cars have been slightly reduced. Now 2018-2019 BMW X1 goda looks much neater and more compact. The machine itself at first glance it seems massive, enormous size, and general overall when compared to its predecessor, X 1.

Designers creating a new body F48 could slightly modify some of the lines on the hood and sides, on the doors, so that became a crossover at 5.3 cm above a trunk volume has increased by 85 liters and amounted to 505 liters.

  • long car became less on 3,6sm and amounted to 4,439m .;
  • width was added to 2,1sm – 1,821m .;
  • height increased to – 1,598m.

The trunk is also added to size

Configurations of the new X1

As for the kits, the company does not disclose the whole set of “stuffing” on some of the details are already known. On the new 2018-2019 BMW X1 is already in the database will be installed daytime running lights on the diodes. Add to scale new body color X1 year another color – brown metallic.

The database will go legkosplanye drives new design R17 or R18 with tires size 225/50 and 225/45, respectively. The choice can be ordered three choices of finish for the instrument panel: XLine, SportLine and MSport.

Modernization subjected to the outside world communication system ConnectedDrive, will please the owner of a fuel consumption monitoring system, Online Entertainment system, and three options for interior design.

Specifications 2018-2019 BMW X1

This model will be released in two versions, with regard to the transmission. The first variant is the eight-speed automatic, the second – shestistupenechnaya mechanics. Developers worked to ensure that the most successful auto transmission with the perfect balance of torque transmission between the engine and gearbox.

under the hood of the updated X1

If we talk about the engine, the developers abandoned the longitudinal arrangement, focusing on the form of the cross. The very novelty will have the engines as

  1. three 4-cylinder 2.0L diesel engine (capacity of 150, 189 and 231 horsepower);
  2. Gasoline engines of 2 liters (192, 231 horsepower);
  3. The main and the main base 3 tsylindrovy 1.5L (116 and 136 horsepower -turbirovanny)

One of the technical features was the front-wheel architecture UKL1. But the four-wheel drive is retained.

The price of the new 2018-2019 BMW X1

Petrol version:
sDrive20i 2.0 – 192 hp 8st. Front-wheel drive automatic transmission 1 960 thousand. Rub.
xDrive20i 2.0 – 192 hp 8st. AKP drive full 2100 thousand. Rub.
xDrive25i 2.0 – 231 hp 8st. AKP drive full 2350 thousand. Rub.
Diesel Version:
xDrive20d 2.0 – 190 hp 8st. AKP drive full 2200 thousand. Rub.
xDrive25d 2.0 – 231 hp 8st. AKP drive full 2450 thousand. Rub.

Video test of the new 2018-2019 BMW X1 year:

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