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2018-2019 BMW i3 – Serial premium electric vehicle

The new 2018-2019 BMW i3 electric car model year – sample is ready for series production, and what could make auto journalists July 29, . Innovative, environmentally friendly model 2018-2019 BMW ah 3 on electricity from the Bavarian company officially presented simultaneously in three locations around the world – Beijing, London and New York. Potential buyers will be able to get acquainted with the cars new to the framework of the Frankfurt Motor Show , and to purchase a new electric 2018-2019 BMW i3 is possible in the EU from November of this year, its starting price of 34,950 euros. Motorists from other continents have to wait for the new 2018-2019 BMW i3 five-door hatchback, at least until the beginning of .

Interest in the new electric cars from motorists is huge, even before the official premiere of more than 90,000 people have applied to carry out a test drive. The figure is striking, and even though the total world market potential of electric vehicles is estimated at no more than 150,000 copies a year. We offer our readers an overview of the serial electric 2018-2019 BMW and 3, where we offer photo and video about 2018-2019 BMW i3 Autonovelties willing to tell us about the design of its exterior and interior, innovative solutions applied to the body structure, technical characteristics, usability accommodate the driver and passengers, filling the car with electronic chips and other details.

Serial 2018-2019 BMW i3, as opposed to prototype the 2018-2019 BMW the i3 Concept is the Coupe , first shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show , and then at the auto show in Los Angeles in the fall of , a full five-door hatchback. At the same time the front doors of the car open traditionally counter-motion, but the rear due to the absence of the central pillar – the direction of travel.

The absence of the rack in the center of the body and side doors frameless glass does not affect the rigidity due to the fact that the passenger compartment capsule is made of carbon fiber (American SGL Carbon), and the chassis and the other elements of auto aluminum body using parts of the super light magnesium alloys. Such innovations have allowed despite the 230 kg battery Bater achieve the electric vehicle curb weight 1195 kg with the driver configuration and the average body weight of 75 kg.

The new 2018-2019 BMW electric ay3 opens a new page of the history of the 2018-2019 BMW , the car is so far removed from the traditional image of the Bavarian cars that need time to realize that “bemka” in front of us.

  • Let’s start with the external dimensions of the body electric car 2018-2019 BMW i3: 3999 mm long, 1775 mm wide, 1578 mm high, 2570 mm wheelbase, 140 mm ground clearance (clearance).
  • The electric car is based on the ground narrow tires 155/70 R19 on the wheels clad 19 radius of the forged aluminum, as an option you can order larger wheels on aluminum rims with tires size 20 155/60 R20 front and 175/50 R20. The presence of ultra-thin tire offers an excellent balance between dynamics, handling and rolling resistance, the assurance of 2018-2019 BMW engineers.

Auto novelty of in the face of the 2018-2019 BMW 3 and looks unusual and futuristic with any viewpoint. If the front part of the car somehow resembles conventional modern cars: compact hood with miniature headlamps (optional full LED), a huge bumper with powerful searchlights protivotumanok, the profile of the body and the stern decision just fantastic.

Body side electric 2018-2019 BMW i3 will satisfy even the most distant from the automobile world of man. Stump hood, high and flat roof, original and unusual lines, transitions bursts surfaces, and particularly fascinating design window sill line, and all side windows. Feed electric vehicle like a piece of modern art, it is difficult to find the right adjectives to describe her eloquent.

We will not try giving the reader an opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the appearance of the Bavarian news using photo and video materials. What we can only add that the German designers to focus on the main, from their point of view, the details of the body with contrasting black accents. All serial 2018-2019 BMW i3, coming off the assembly line will be implemented in two-tone color, six primary colors in combination with black accents (hood, the lower part of the front and rear bumpers, side skirts, tailgate).

Beauty ah electric 2018-2019 BMW 3 is no less fantastic than the design of the body. Landing in the car is very easy and comfortable thanks to the wide front door, the absence of B-pillar and back unconventional opening rear doors. In the interior, there is the spirit of minimalism, but the interior of this fact does not seem impersonal and boring.

The main attributes of the front dashboard are color information screens installed in such a way that it seems as if they are hovering over the front surfaces. First with a diagonal of 6.5 inches replaces the traditional instrument panel provides the driver and comprehensive information about the car’s systems. A second 8.8-inch set in the center of the center console and is responsible for the iDrive multimedia system (integrated the SIM-card, USB and Bluetooth), for a fee, you can install different navigation systems and advanced system of 2018-2019 BMW ConnectedDrive. Just below the number of support functions control buttons and trim unit air conditioner.

The first row of chairs with anatomical profile set high (170 mm higher than the 2018-2019 BMW 1-series ), and provide a convenient and comfortable accommodation for driver and front passenger in the second row cushion of the sofa is still above the place for a comfortable accommodation of three passengers enough.

The luggage compartment 2018-2019 BMW i3 in the presence of passengers in the cabin five modest – only 260 liters, if desired, the trunk can be increased to 1,100 liters by folding the rear seat backs.

As materials for finishing the interior of the new 2018-2019 BMW electric hatchback and 3 apply leather, wood, wool and man-made materials, produced in the processing of secondary raw materials.

Specifications of the new electric car 2018-2019 BMW i3 -, the mean presence in the basic version of the motor vehicle weight of only 50 kg, which is located above the rear axle. The electric motor is capable of producing 125 kW (170 hp) and a torque of 250 Nm, available in a single-stage gearbox. Electrical fuel is stored in lithium-ion batteries weighing 230 kg, are located in the underground car body, battery designed for trouble-free operation for 8 years and providing electric mileage of 100,000 km.
The engine runs solely on electric fuel hatchback accelerates weight from 1195 kg to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds and to 100 mph in 7.2 seconds, top speed limited to 150 mph. According to the manufacturer with a fully charged battery with a capacity of 22 kW / h electric car is able to travel 160 kilometers, but the maximum range of a single charge can be increased to 200 km, although activating Eco mode Eco Pro + (the maximum speed is limited to 50 mph, turned off air conditioning system, multimedia system, lighting technology works in economy mode). Of course, the system availability and recovery of braking energy. All in all modes of operation of the power plant are three: the usual Comfort, more economical Eco Pro and super economical Eco Pro +.

Charging the batteries to 80% capacity may take only 30 minutes with the possibility of connecting to fast charging station power 50 kW installed in the garage of the house and on the city parking lots. Charging from a network capable of delivering 9 kW will take at least 8-10 hours.

For motorists that the distance of 160-200 km seems not enough offered the opportunity to order the 2018-2019 BMW i3 with a combined power plant, a part of which includes an electric motor in addition to 650 cc petrol two-cylinder engine capacity of 34 forces, providing battery charging and thus allowing to increase the radius of action of an electric vehicle. Fuel tank capacity 9 liters.

The petrol engine will increase the range of up to 300 km, and when driving in the super eco mode Eco Pro + and up to 340 km. The curb weight of the 2018-2019 BMW and 3 to set additional petrol engine is 1315 kg.
Suspension of the new eco-friendly creations i3 Bavarian engineers fully independent, made of aluminum, front mounted MacPherson struts, rear five-link design is used electromechanical power steering, the steering-wheel from lock to lock makes 2.5 turns (turning radius electric car only 9.9 meters), weight distribution axes ideal 50:50.

High-tech 2018-2019 BMW i3 is not cheap, as we said above, you can become the owner of new items by paying the price of 34,950 euros for the basic kit car with an electric motor and the maximum possible mileage on a single charge of 200 km. Price 2018-2019 BMW i3 version with enhanced maximum range of 340 km (adds ICE) is from 39 450 euros. Additional options in the form of a glass panoramic roof with electric drive, heating of seats, parking assistant, full LED headlights and other chips is easy to raise the price of the car to 45,000 euros.

On the prospects of the electric 2018-2019 BMW i3 in Russia so far, but that the electric car will be sold in local showrooms – this is voiced by representatives of the brand is a fact. True the first Russians will be available to more expensive hybrid sports car the 2018-2019 BMW the i8 .

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