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2018-2019 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer – the first 2018-2019 BMW with front-wheel drive

The new minivan 2018-2019 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer years is presented in serial form and will be the first model with front-wheel drive in the history of the German manufacturer. New items from Munich with unusual for fans of the premium German brand name of 2018-2019 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer previously represented in the global network to officially become a star of the Geneva Motor Show is possible in a year, will premiere an extended version of the new Bavarian van – the 2018-2019 BMW 2-Series Gran Tourer capable to accommodate three rows of seats for transportation seventh passengers.
Home sales in Europe and Russia the new 2018-2019 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer is planned for May , the price for the preliminary information is not less than 28,000 euros for European motorists and 1,350,000 rubles for Russians.

New serial 2018-2019 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer . which was the forerunner of the 2018-2019 BMW Active Tourer Outdoor Concept presented in autumn at the Paris Motor Show for the Bavarian company can safely assume that a revolutionary car. Available with front-wheel drive transverse mounted engines, compact and at the same time a universal body minivan can accommodate five people and a trunk that can accommodate 468-1510 liters, the presence of a gasoline engine with three cylinders !!! under the hood, 8 automatic transmission as an option, but that’s not all. Compact MPV 2-Series Active Tours from 2018-2019 BMW strives to become a class in terms of equipment and safety systems leader in entertainment, electronic assistants, quality of materials used in interior decoration, and can outdo machines from higher classes.

  • Introducing the new product start with the external dimensions of the body of stylish minivan 2018-2019 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer year: 4342 mm long, 1800 mm wide, 1555 mm high, 2670 mm wheelbase, ground clearance (clearance) – 135 mm .
  • With the default installation of rubber on 16-17 inch alloy wheels front track – 1561 mm, rear track – 1562 mm. Powerful version 2018-2019 BMW 225i Active Tourer is equipped with 225/45 R18 tires on alloy wheels with size 18 five double spokes and has a front track 1557 mm, rear 1558 mm.

The first official photos and video of the new 2018-2019 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer allow in all its glory is not considered typical for the Bavarian company cars looks new items. The reason lies in the fact that motorists have long been accustomed to the sedan, coupe, convertible, station wagon, crossovers and even hatchbacks from 2018-2019 BMW, a minivan … but this is too much. But the designers of the German company knowingly eat their own bread, and created with the name of MPV 2018-2019 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer is not only modern and stylish, but the full extent of the relevant family dress code in the external design.

Considering the body of the car from all angles, from different angles, from different angles do not even doubt that this is a model of the Bavarian manufacturer.
Face compact van 2-Series Active Tourer with family bimmerovskimi nostrils false radiator grille, headlamps with signature rings optics and LED eyebrows daytime running lights, neat bumper-fairing with additional lower air intake and original inserts Courts, in the center of which is placed fog classic round form. But the drop-down-to-nose hood of a minivan with smooth vyshtampovki – a new feature in appearance and understandable thing, appeared in favor of aerodynamics thanks to transverse engine in the engine compartment.

Since we have mentioned the aerodynamics, it is not superfluous to announce a low drag coefficient of aerodynamic resistance of the German minivan body constituting 0,26 -0,29 Cx (depending on version and installed tail). Available also folds active in the grille that can be closed, and thereby reduce the resistance to air flow at high speed, if the course is not currently required engine cooling.

When looking for a new compact minivan 2018-2019 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer to the first profile that catches your eye is a drop-down front hood and much littered back windshield frame. Next, attention is drawn to the powerful with inflated surfaces and a high rising glass door sill and lean stern monument. At the same time pleasant to look at the extent of swollen wheel arches, solid edge prescribing the body at the level of the door handles, trim and stylish vyshtampovki the bottom of the door. What’s the minivan, marketers of 2018-2019 BMW’s time to come up with a new name for the type of body of its creation, it was too aggressive, dynamic and evil looks Active Tourer side.

The rear of the new Bavarian demonstrates the practicality and refinement. A huge tailgate ceiling with LED position lamps filled not modestly large, solid and also calm lines and proportions of the bumper. The door of the luggage compartment is planned to equip (for a fee, of course) electric and fashionable chip Smart Opener (door opens independently should only bring the leg to a certain place on the bumper).

Traditionally, as with all cars in the line of premium German manufacturer of the new 2018-2019 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer can be ordered in several versions: the basic version, Sport Line, Luxury Line and M Sport (original aerodynamic body kit, a variety of alloy wheels 17-18 range, down 10 mm suspension, adaptive dampers).

Interior minivan 2018-2019 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer is tailored for the perfect patterns of the Bavarian company, but due to the high altitude … Body, 2670 mm wheelbase and competent organization of the back of the salon five people will feel rather more comfortable even in comparison with the location in the cabin more large 2018-2019 BMW the Series 2 the Coupe- , 2018-2019 BMW 3-Series or 2018-2019 BMW 4-Series the Coupe .

For the driver, the new compact minivan from Germany a complete set of attributes 2018-2019 BMW: compact, comfortable, stylish, multifunctional steering wheel, rigorous and concise instruments, perfect ergonomics placement of controls, comfortable with a bright lateral support chair. On the front of the cabin all is clear, the owners of 2018-2019 BMW cars will feel at home – all at your fingertips and in familiar places.

The second row of the minivan – that’s where the start is very interesting points are not typical Bavarian cars. Rear separate series (40-20-40) is able to move around on a sled along the interior, increasing the size of the luggage compartment or reserve space for the feet of passengers, you can also change the angle of the seat backs selecting the optimum position for a comfortable fit.

As mentioned in the beginning of the review the luggage compartment of a minivan 2018-2019 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer with five people in the cabin is able to accommodate a minimum 468 liters of cargo. After freeing the second row of passenger seats and lowering the backrest get a flat load platform and the maximum amount of 1510 liters. If desired, and requirements can be folded back of the front seats and oversized carry items up to 2400 mm in length. The multipurpose tray is placed underground organizer is able to place a lot of small things.

According voiced by representatives of the German manufacturer’s new compact minivan 2018-2019 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer in terms of equipment is a cut above classmates.
As a basic and optional equipment novelty can boast a Head-Up Display, 2018-2019 BMW ConnectedDrive latest multimedia system with a 8.8 inch color display, adaptive cruise control with the function Stop and Go, the system Traffic Jam Assistant (braking, acceleration and steering control when driving in traffic), parking assistant (parallel parking assistant), High-Beam Assist (automatic control of the main beam), Lane Departure warning (control tiering movements), traffic sign recognition system, warning system of pedestrian protection (cars able to independently stop at the sudden appearance of pedestrians ahead of the car, running at a speed of 10 to 60 mph). Well, of course, the classic set of advanced chips in the face of a two-zone climate control, electric mirrors and front seats, xenon or LED headlights, a panoramic roof, premium finishing materials.

Specifications minivan 2018-2019 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer year will surprise not only the most ardent fans of the German manufacturer, but it will be interesting and ordinary motorists.
Car based on the new front-drive platform, first used on the next-generation Mini year. The front suspension is independent with MacPherson struts, rear independent multi-link also on a stretcher with an increased rigidity. Elements and suspension arms are made of aluminum and high strength steel.
Brakes All-wheel disc with a full range of electronic security systems, ABS, DSC, (Dynamic Stability Control), DTC (Dynamic Traction Control), EDLC (Electronic Differential Lock Control) and Performance Control, steering system with an electromechanical amplifier.
With the start of sales in spring motorists will be available following the model of the new minivan 2018-2019 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer.
Petrol version:

  • 2018-2019 BMW 218i Active Tourer with a new three cylinder 1.5-liter petrol turbo engine capacity of 136 hp with 220 Nm of torque, the gearbox 6 speed manual (6AKPP), front-wheel drive. Dynamics of acceleration and 100 mph for 9.3 (9.6) seconds and a top speed of 200 mph, the average fuel consumption is claimed by the manufacturer is not lower than 4.9 (5.2) liters.
  • 2018-2019 BMW 225i Active Tourer with a gasoline 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine returns in the 231 power and 350 Nm of torque, a gearbox 8 automatic transmission Steptronic. Dispersal to first hundred for 6.8 seconds, maximum speed – 235 mph, the average fuel consumption of 6.0 liters.


  • 2018-2019 BMW 218d Active Tourer with a 2.0-liter diesel engine (150 hp 330 Nm) and 6 speed manual (8 automatic) is dispersed to hundred in 8.9 seconds and is able to dial 205 mph, average consumption of diesel fuel is 4.1 liters according to the manufacturer .

At the end of the summer line will expand at the expense of diesel models 2018-2019 BMW 216d Active Tourer and 2018-2019 BMW 220d Active Tourer, as well as gasoline modification 2018-2019 BMW 220i Active Tourer.
Most interesting, xDrive all-wheel drive version of the minivan will begin only German manufacturer to offer the autumn of . They will become the most powerful version of gasoline 2018-2019 BMW 225i xDrive Active Tourer and diesel 2018-2019 BMW 220d xDrive Active Tourer.

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