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2018-2019 Volkswagen Polo Sedan cars

In May the German manufacturer officially presented the updated version of the sedan trehobemnika 2018-2019 Volkswagen Polo, which has received a number of improvements in the exterior and interior decoration, retaining the “pristine” technical component. At the end of spring refreshed “chetyrёhdverka Polo” will be on the enterprise conveyor in Kaluga, and in mid-June, the first commodity cars will reach the buyers.

Outside three-volume 2018-2019 Volkswagen Polo has not undergone fundamental changes, but all the innovations for the benefit of the car went – she separated the new, raised bumper and a revised grille, some form of hood and redesigned lighting equipment. The car was the first in the class of the front projector type optics with bi-xenon filling and LED “garlands” running lights (although – as an option). Sedan kept adjusted and harmonious appearance, but it gained respectability – now it is very similar to “senior Jetta».

The external dimensions of body sedan 2018-2019 Volkswagen Polo stayed at the same level: 4384 mm long, 1465 mm tall and 1699 mm wide. Wheelbase “state employee” fit into the 2552 mm and clearance under the head reaches 170 mm, only at peak load, this parameter is reduced to 130 mm.

There were no new things, and in the interior, “Polo in a four decision,” and the most notable of them – is a three-spoke steering wheel with truncated at the bottom of the rim in the likeness of the Golf and Jetta. The rest of the architecture remains the same – simple and concise instrument cluster, as well as the ergonomic design of the central console, currently sheltered in the audio control units and air conditioning system.

Photo: Interior 2018-2019 Volkswagen Polo sedan saloon

The interior of the 2018-2019 Volkswagen Polo sedan assembled on the conscience, only materials used obviously cheap – it can be seen and felt by touch. After the upgrade, “top” Performances budget-separated nobler insert on the front panel of brushed chrome finish and the possibility of a beige interior color.

“Polo sedan” is equipped with comfortable, but simple-looking front seats with side bolsters are widely spaced and the German hard-filled. Rear sofa Triple formally, but most of it is suitable for two average riders – this is for them to reserve a space with a vengeance. Of amenities – pockets in the doors so the cup holder on the center console.

The luggage compartment VW Polo Sedan in the standard state can accommodate 460 liters of luggage, taking into account the fact that the full-length “reserve” is available in the underground. back sofa backrest is divided in unequal proportions (in the basic version it is one piece), but flush with the floor does not fit.

Specifications 2018-2019 Volkswagen Polo sedan

In technical terms, the sedan Polo, in the course of this update has not changed. For the car is offered, already known, 16-valve engine with 1.6-liter EA111 family in two degrees of boost – 85 horsepower and 145 Nm of torque at 5,200 revolutions / minute or 105 “horses” and 153 Nm at 5250 r / min.
In partnership with the “younger” option works only 5-speed “mechanics”, but with “senior” – as an option is possible and even 6-band “automatic”.

To first hundred car can accelerate for 10.5-12.1 seconds, features peak at 179-190 km / h, while fuel consumption is limited at the level of 6.4-7 liters in combined mode.

At the start of sales of the car will meet environmental standards “Euro-4”, but closer to the end of is planned to “raise the bar” to “Euro 5”.

Also, in the year promises new (more advanced and more powerful even) motors and, possibly, they will be new variants CAT proposed tandem.

The design of the car is based on the PQ25 platform with MacPherson struts in front and semi-independent torsion beam rear.
The front wheels of the machine are installed ventilated disc brakes and rear drum unit are involved, it implies the presence of ABS.
The steering system supplemented by electric power. In general, a complete similarity with the pre-reform model.

Configurations and prices for 2018-2019 Volkswagen Polo onwards

Updated “sedan Polo” went on sale in the Russian market in mid-June 2015, the following performance levels – Trendline, Comfortline and Highline (autumn added to the list a “new base» – «Conceptline»). Price most affordable complete Conceptline (with a “younger” motor and the “mechanics”) will be 519 thousand. 900 rubles, and the maximum level of equipment Highline (with “big” engine and “automatic”) sedan will be offered at the price of 739 thousand. 900 rubles .

  • At the initial level Conceptline equipment includes: a pair of airbags, “suspension for bad roads”, “adaptation to the cold climate,” the ABS, front and rear windows, multifunction display, daytime running lights, LED license plate lights …
  • The “initial bygone» Trendline added to the above air-conditioning …
  • “Rather average” version Comfortline further can “boast”: more powerful headlamps, door handles and exterior mirror housings here painted in body color, and the tape recorder RCD 220 (with CD the MP3-(USB support and an SD-card), audio input AUX-IN).
  • In the Highline equipment, furthermore has: alarm system (with sensors of the internal volume, an electronic immobilizer and autonomous siren), front fog lights support the function of illumination of turns, climate control «Climatronic» with recirculation mode and plenty of chrome on the body.


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